NPA BLITZ PROJECT – Blitz is a Northern Peripheries and Arctic Programme (NPA) pilot project aimed at developing literary tourism as an economic driver within specific regions across the Northern Arctic region, including Northern Ireland as one of the project partners. The transnational model will support sme engagement with the literary tourism sector and will enhance the capacity of smes to act beyond local markets through increased awareness, enhanced visibility and changed attitudes that help to create new innovative solutions to develop place based Literary Tourism

POST Artistic Curator in International Literary Tourism
NPA Blitz Project
Fixed term part time post as PAYE employee
Approximately 170 days’ work (x €400 per day)
Contract Period June 2019 –Sept 2021
Joint Applications will be AcceptedFor application, please submit a description of three significant literary tourism events or projects that you have delivered outlining your original artistic vision, your implementation process and your tourism goals, impacts & outputs. Not to exceed more than one page per project.Interviews will take place June 5th 2019
RESPONSIBLE TO The Board of Happy Days EIBF Ltd (Arts Over Borders)
RESPONSIBLE FOR We are seeking an exceptional and visionary event programmer and thinker in the area of high level literary tourism, specifically in relation to work to be carried out in the region of Northern Ireland as part of an agreed funded project framework with partners in Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Finland.

The Post Holder will have lead responsibility for one of the BLITZ project’s six work packages to deliver a literary tourism pilot project in Enniskillen Northern Ireland and oversee the roll out of parallel pilot projects in each of the partner countries as part of this single work package. The Post Holder will also be responsible for contributing to and managing a number of the wider aspects of the overall work packages for the NPA Blitz Project in close consultation with each of all the other BLITZ partners.

The post holder will ensure the effective and efficient development and delivery of the NPA Blitz Project on behalf of the project partner Arts Over Borders. They will also ensure that project delivery is focused on meeting the needs and outcomes of the overall programme.The Post holder will work with the other transnational partners and key stakeholders to develop a multi-faceted literary tourism model. In particular they will work closely with the other partners to ensure that NPA Blitz operations is integral to developing local Smes, entrepreneurship and contributing to improved outcomes for the literary tourism sector. They will also play a key role through collaborative working in supporting the administrative and financial arrangements across the NPA Project.The post holder will be expected to make an important contribution to the development and implementation of specific targets relating to the NPA Blitz Business Plan, promote efficiency and effectiveness; and lead specific activities of the ProjectThe Post Holder has the following responsibilities on behalf of Arts Over Borders involvement in the Blitz project:

  • Lead the designated transnational responsibilities for AOB, which will include:
    a) The SME engagement Programme to develop Literary Tourism (within the NPA Region) meeting the core objectives and expected outcomes in relation to the project
    b) Business administration processes and finance administration
    c) Planning, implementation and on-going monitoring and reporting of NPA Blitz Project


The post-holder will be expected to:

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of specific targets relating to the NPA Blitz business plan
  • Work collaboratively with partners to ensure that priorities are translated into manageable objectives and communicated as appropriate
  • Work collaboratively with partners to monitor, measure, control and report on the work of relevant work packages within NPA Programme
  • Contribute to reports to inform development and strategic direction using formative and summative information which will guide future models of delivery in relation to Literary Tourism.
The post-holder will be expected to:

  • Support effective engagement, capacity building and monitoring arrangements with NPA Partners and key stakeholders
  • Engage with key stakeholders, community representatives and other stakeholders to support the community and SME entrepreneurship
  • Engage across the NPA region as necessary
  • Contribute both internally and with other stakeholders, in accordance with the project goals, targets, and in line with NPA requirements.
  • Contribute to a robust system of recording all relevant information and data and coordination of project-related administration
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and statutory frameworks
  • Report on progress and performance as required;
Ensure robust governance procedures and financial control frameworks for effective management of the budget and monitor expenditure ensuring propriety, regularity and value for money within the allocated budget;Facilitate reporting protocols that are required by NPA

  • Have a minimum of five years senior experience in literary tourism event programming
  • Be able to demonstrate international literary and broader multi-arts programming skills and have delivered tangible results
  • Be able to demonstrate an international quality level of artistic vision.
  • Have a strong grasp of general literary knowledge, particularly Irish literary heritage.
  • Experience of working in or closely with the tourism led sector and an innate ability to understand tourism sector needs and goals.

  • Knowledge of literary tourism, nationally and internationally
  • Knowledge of relationship between business and the arts
  • Knowledge of high level programming skills
  • Understanding of the structures of the Northern Peripheries and Arctic Programme

  • Managing Partnerships giving clear direction and inspiring confidence
  • Build effective working relationships and work collaboratively with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Lead or contribute to Partnership working
  • Negotiate, coordinate and influence at a range of levels

  • High level creative visioning skills
  • Self-starter initiator
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Resilience, drive and tenacity

  • Current engagement with the arts in the Northern Ireland region
  • Experience with funders in the Northern Ireland region
  • Knowledge and experience of the Northern Ireland funding systems
  • Experience of budget management
  • Knowledge and experience of the Northern Ireland region, particularly Enniskillen Fermanagh in respect of the AOB proposed pilot project, W I L D E TOWN.
  • A wider knowledge of European literature.
  • A knowledge of or acquaintance with the current Northern Ireland literary and arts sector.



Or Mary Heaney, Arts Over Borders, 20 Stranmillis Rd, Office 1, Belfast, BT9 5AA

CLOSING DATE 4PM May 30th 2019