Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett

Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett

Saturday 2 September
Clinton Centre, Fermanagh
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12PM & 5PM


Saturday 2 September


Directed by Adrian Dunbar and featuring Frank McCusker, Dylan Quinn and Orla Charlton.

Catastrophe (1982) is a one-act play originally written in French, then translated into English by the author. The play was premiered at the Avignon Festival and dedicated to the Czech playwright, Vaclav Havel, the imprisoned leader of the Velvet Revolution and later President of Czechoslovakia. The literal meaning  of catastrophe is ‘turning point.’

‘Catastrophe immediately struck me as a bold political play.  When I was a child we were lucky on occasion see allegorical films and animation from the Eastern bloc. The artists there had found a way to smuggle the politics of liberation into the unconscious. On reading Catastrophe I feel somehow that Samuel Beckett was celebrating the artists of the Eastern Bloc in general and Vaclav Havel in particular.’ Adrian Dunbar: Happy Days Artistic Associate.

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