Sat 11th August 2018
First Presbyterian Church, Derry~Londonderry, Derry~Londonderry
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Sufi World Music Concert

First Presbyterian Church, Derry
Living Quarters Concert
Saturday 11th August, 6.45pm

LUGHNASA FRIELFEST PRESENTS the Coskun Karademir Quartet as a musical prelude to Brian Friel’s Living Quarters , inspired by the play’s protagonist
(Commandant Frank Butler) returning to Ballybeg from the Middle East.

Coskun Karademir was captivated by the music of his homeland, Anatolia (where Troy is reputed to be sited), and has devoted himself to its folk and mystical music.

Coskun Karademir returns to the innovative fusion style that he created with eastern and western instruments in The Secret Ensemble. He brings the selected musicians from the Ensemble together again as a quartet. In the new album, that will be released in 2018, Turkish wind instruments virtuoso Emre Sinanmis blows his duduk, Murat Sungu, cello player, shows his unforgettable unique performance technique, merging a western classical instrument with Anatolian maqaams. Omer Arsian, a master drummer extends the limits of ethnic percussion playing style to a higher level and Coskun Karademir himself, with his baglama and kopuz mastership as well as his solos and arrangements, enriches the ears of the audience.

Timeless, ageless, borderless, without the separation of religion and language; there is only feelings, and music masters the narrative here. You can hear the dialogue of the nature of an Anatolian meadow, as well as the growing sounds of the flowers. You can go to the era of King Alfonso X, with his composition for the Virgin Mary “El Sabio” in Cantiga forms, to Istanbul Palace for Sultan Abdulaziz’s composition, in which he tried to capture the sound of Instanbul in a gondola boat on the Bosphorus.

Quartet remembers an exceptional Armenian folk song on one side and a poem from Sah Hatayi on the other. All of these so called different places are melted and transformed into a new understanding with the experience of visionary musicians.