Fri 3rd, Sat 4th, Sun 5th August 2018
Middle Bridge, Pettigo, Fermanagh
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OCross Border Chess – North versus South

The Beckett Chess Set – a public art commission by sculptor Alan Milligan

LOCATION: Pettigo – Middle Bridge on the Termon River, High Street, Pettigo

Friday 3rd August, 3pm – 6pm
Saturday 4th August, 3pm – 6pm
Sunday 5th August, 3pm – 6pm

Samuel Beckett was obsessed with chess and it heavily influenced his work to the point where one of his most important works is called Endgame and his novel Murphy includes some famous chess scenes. Beckett was taught by his elder brother Frank and his uncle Howard. He played chess throughout his life and with greats like Marcel Duchamp. His uncle, Howard, once beat a future world champion, the Cuban Jose Raul Capablanca. Beckett played regularly in France during World War II when he was with the French resistance.

The Beckett Chess set back to pieces are Beckett lead characters in his plays – White Queen Winnie and her pawn Willie; White King Krapp and his pawn Tape Recorder; Black King Hamm from Endgame and Black Queen Mouth from Not I. The Castles are the urns from Play and bins from Endgame. Waiting for Godot characters oppose each other, Vladimir and Estragon as opposing Knights

You too can enjoy one of Beckett’s favourite games, a game of purity on the edge, right on the border of two countries. If your rival manages to checkmate you in as few as 20 moves then Don’t give up. Fail again. Fail better!

Click here to read The Guardian article on Samuel Beckett’s obsession with chess and Alan Milligan, the local sculptor who modelled the chess pieces on Beckett’s characters out of bronze, with pawns representing the props used in beckett’s plays.

Images courtesy of Cordula Treml #cordulatreml