Fri 3rd August 2018
PSNI Enniskillen, Fermanagh
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Colin Salmon, Texts for Nothing No. 9 Reading

DATE: Friday 3rd August, 9pm

LOCATION: PSNI Station, Enniskillen


Most people don’t want to linger in a police station.  Not so those looking to book at ticket at the Beckett festival.

If you like to tempt fate or are exhilarated by a lucky escape, then this event is for you.  In 2013 the Happy Days Beckett Festival presented the first ever arts event inside a PSNI station as an experiential way of heightening the tension and uncertainty latent in the writer’s short stories.

Northern Irish actor Ian McElhinney read two short prose pieces by Samuel Beckett that had everyone scratching their heads.  The Festival returns for its second ever event in the Enniskillen PSNI and this year English screen actor Colin Salmon is giving the reading.

An audience of 40 brave citizens will be escorted as a group through the immense iron fortress gates by the PSNI and momentarily incarcerated within the bowels of the compound in readiness for the Beckett short story at 9pm on August 3rd.  When the reading is over and the audience released – from Beckett as well as the PSNI – it will be dark.  Not quite the short story experience before bedtime that we all remember but an unforgettable experience for the lucky few who book their tickets early.