Fri 16th & Sat 17th August
St. Columbia's Church, Omagh & All Saints Church, Clooney Terrace, Derry~Londonderry,
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Derry~Londonderry, Overcome! Lughnasa FrielFest


Special permission has been given to the festival by the Brian Friel Estate for Belfast based theatre company Kabosh to restage its original performed reading (first presented by the festival in August 2015) of The Enemy Within but this time with an all-female cast.

Brian Friel wrote in his preface to the play, The Enemy Within that it is neither a history nor a biography but an imaginative account of the voluntary exile of St. Columba, Columba or Columcille, who was born in County Donegal circa A. D. 521.  A founder of monasteries, he left Ireland in 563 for Iona where he spent thirty-four years and where the play is set.  Brian Friel concentrates on the private man, a charismatic, worldly personality who struggled to combine skills of scholar, bard and ruler with a fearless commitment to his vocation, and he probes the theme of exile, a subject he returned to in Philadelphia, Here I Come!  As his first published play, The Enemy Within is Brian Friel’s first significant play.


Produced By: Kabosh Theatre

Director: Paula McFetridge


Listen to BBC Arts Show interview with Paula McFetridge, Director of Kabosh, talk about ‘The Enemy Within’ all-female production.



Booking is essential!

Ticket Price:
(Full) £12
(Concession) £10

Friday, August 16th – 7.30pm
Saturday, August 17th – 11.30am

Event Duration: ?

St. Columbia’s Church, Omagh
All Saints Church, Clooney Terrace, Derry~Londonderry