Fri 10th, Sat 11th, Sun 12th August 2018
Walls below Walker’s Plinth, Grand Parade at Walker’s Plinth, double bastion at Verbal Arts Centre, East Wall at Artillery Bastion, church bastion at St. Columb’s Cathedral , Derry~Londonderry
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THE ILIAD by Homer


Episode 1
Friday 10th August, 6.30pm: Episode 1: outside Walls below Walker’s Plinth

Episode 2
Saturday 11th August, 1.30pm: Episode 2: on Grand Parade at Walker’s Plinth  (West Facing)

Episode 3
Saturday 11th August, 5.30pm: Episode 3: Double Bastion at Verbal Arts Centre (South Facing)

Episode 4
Sunday 12th August, 11am: East Wall at Artillery Bastion

Episode 5
Sunday 12th August, 5pm: Church bastion at St. Columb’s Cathedral (East Facing)

Followed by Ruby Philogene MBE – Mezzo Soprano & Trevor Burnside – Piano Concert in St. Columb’s Cathedral

Duration 30mins : Free


BRIAN FRIEL LOVED HOMER and when it comes to a reading of The Iliad, in which Homer recounts the story of the Siege of Troy (Ilium meaning Troy) with Achilles, Hector, Helen, Odysseus & Agamemnon, where better to hold it than on the Walls of Derry, a city famous for its own siege. Five episodes from the epic will be read in a military-style tent; the opening episode will take place on a grassy knoll just outside the Walls overlooking the Bogside (with its terraced rows of houses reimagined as the camped tents of the Greeks). The remaining four episodes will be held on different bastions within the Walls surrounded on the Saturday by the dramatic soundscape of the Apprentice Boys’ marching bands.

To conclude the Iliad readings and as a counterbalance to a weekend of brutal descriptions of war and its aftermath, a short concert of balm with spirituals and songs will be given by opera and gospel singer Ruby Philogene, a first prize winner of the Kathleen Ferrier Award and who has sung at, amongst other places, the Royal Opera House and Deutsche Oper Berlin and at the special invitation of Princess Diana.