THE OLD TUNE by Samuel Beckett

THE OLD TUNE by Samuel Beckett

Fri 3rd, Sat 4th, Sun 5th August 2018
Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen, Fermanagh
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THE OLD TUNE by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Conall Morrison

Starring Barry McGovern & Eamon Morrissey


NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE – Now at Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen (not The Regal as previously advertised)

Friday 3rd August, 6.30pm: Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen

Saturday 4th August, 8.30pm: Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen

Sunday 5th August, 5.30pm: Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen


DURATION: 40 mins

TWO MEN LIVING on the margins of society, struggling to communicate, facing isolation and memory loss; it’s not hard to see why Beckett was drawn to his friend Robert Pinget’s play La Manivelle (The Crank) and offered to translate it into English. But Beckett went further than most translators, transposing the setting to Dublin and changing the characters, Gorman and Cream, to Irishmen.

This new production is directed by Conall Morrison (whose Woyzeck in Winter received rave reviews in Galway and London last year). It’s being staged in The Regal in the heart of Enniskillen, a perfect setting with its atmosphere of faded 1950’s glory, and it stars two iconic Irish actors, Barry McGovern and Eamon Morrissey. This is a rare opportunity to see both The Old Tune itself and two of Ireland’s finest theatre actors performing on stage together.