Ohio Impromptu by Samuel Beckett

Ohio Impromptu by Samuel Beckett

Thursday 31 August - Sunday 3 September
Devenish Island, Enniskillen, Fermanagh
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 (Departure from Round ‘O’)

£12 (includes boat journey)

Thursday 31 August, 7PM (SOLD OUT)

Friday 1 September, 8PM (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 2 September, 8PM (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 3 September, 7PM

Devenish Island, Enniskillen

Directed by Adrian Dunbar

Festival Associate, Adrian Dunbar, presents sunset performances of Ohio Impromptu on Devenish Island, a monastic site founded in the 6th century, a short boat ride away from Enniskillen on Lough Erne. It was first performed in 1981 at the Stadium II Theatre in Columbus, Ohio, in a production directed by Alan Schneider starring David Warrilow and later filmed for television by Charles Sturridge in a production starring Jeremy Irons.

“A chance to soul-search and sightsee at the same time. Can you have your Beckettian cake and eat it?” Dominic Cavandish, The Telegraph

Please note: Although the performance is indoors, the venue is a short walk from the boat and there will a brief opportunity for the audience to view the Island. Comfortable, warm clothing and footwear is advised.