If you want a festival that is tame and conventional and mildly entertaining don’t ask Sean Doran to organise it. Witness his Beckett Festival in Enniskillen -it is wild and imaginative and creative and riveting. I have total confidence he’ll do the same with the Friel Festival.” Brian Friel, July 2015

DoranBrowne is led by arts entrepreneurs Seán Doran and Liam Browne. The partnership offers programming advice and curation worldwide to help deliver bespoke multi-arts cultural tourism events. Seán Doran and Liam Browne have worked together over twenty years and bring a wealth of experience specialising in destination multi-arts
programming that bring about a strong sense of place. DoranBrowne has an internationally acclaimed track record of successful start-up initiatives and has recently founded the Arts Over Borders: northern literary lands in Ireland (CVs below).

Creative Projects

-FrielFest: Brian Friel International Festival
-Happy Days: Enniskillen International Beckett Festival
-Seamus Heaney HomePlace (12 months 12 books) September 2016 – September 2017
-Home of St Patrick Festival (Advisors)
-Paris Beckett Festival
-A Wilde Weekend, 2018
-Sgt Pepper @ 50, Heading for Home: Liverpool, June, 2017


Sgt Pepper at 50: Heading for home

a remarkable homage for the groundbreaking album’.
The Australian, March 2017

The programme is hugely ambitious…….Sgt Pepper at 50: Heading for Home has been co-curated by Sean Doran, the former artistic director of English National Opera now considered the pre-eminent festival director in Europe’.
Mick Brown, the Telegraph, May 2017

With high-spirited humour, eccentric charm and a joyous musical sensibility, Morris has revisited the album’s ambition and influence to produce an hour-long celebration that is as ingenious as it is entertaining’.
TheTimes; review of Mark Morris Dance Company’s Pepperland, June 2017

Seamus Heaney HomePlace

There was one particularly special moment. It was not just special because we had to get up very early on a Sunday morning and make our way in the cold to a muddy spot overlooking Church Island in Lough Beg – a feature in the landscape where Heaney imagined so many of his poems. It was probably because Fiona Shaw was performing Heaney’s words from in hay cart in a field steeped in mist…….So we were here, we were there and we were also in Shaw’s voice and in Heaney’s words and at his home. The past and the present and the future collapsed in this moment’.
Poetry Wales, October, 2016

Happy Days: Enniskillen International Beckett Festival

With a programme that includes theatre, talks, readings, recitals, dance and exhibitions, Happy Days: Enniskillen International Beckett festival embraces not only works by the Irish playwright but those of his celebrated contemporaries. Those familiar with this island locale may wonder how a parish equipped with just a single purpose-built theatre can possibly provide the necessary infrastructure for a serious shindig, let alone what has become one of the most enthralling festivals in the cultural calendar’.
The Observer, August, 2015

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